Case Simulator 3

Features: A lot of knives. Inventory. Stats. Contracts. Casino "Minesweeper". Casino Slider Range. Rank system. Pay cases. The real price of keys and cases. Large inventory. In many cases. The probability of a was created on the basis of numerous experiments. Simple interface. Russian LanguageIn development: Store knives. More case studies and Souvenirs. Russian language supportThe application consists of 4 tabs, cases, equipment, stats, and settings. To switch tabs just click on it after calling up the menu on the left at the top (the Burger). The tab "cases" - here you can access your weapon skins. To begin opening the case, select the mailbox you want to open and click "open case". On the tab "Inventory" - skins all the weapons that you get will be stored here, use this tab to review skins and sales unnecessary. Statistics tab - shows the number of dropped items, the number of open cases, the amount of money earned. Tab "Settings" - sound settings, language and contact information. Tab "Casino" - increase your balanceNote: in the case of dropped weapons skins simulator 3 cannot be used in official counter-strike: global offensive from valve.
Operating System Android