Life of Dog Simulator 3D 2017

This game will take you on an ambitious journey into the Life of a Dog. Move around and Play like a real dog. Walk around beautiful places and splendid landscape when you play as a dog. You can select the breed of your beloved dog among a pack of different dog breeds and live the life of a real dog. Survive in a competitive city surrounding filled with number of challenges. In this dog app, there are multiple modes of game play with so many demanding time chasing levels. Achieve the goal set for your animal within the stipulated time period and wipe out as many objects and do the required interactions as fast as possible. Avoid running out of time. There are some challenges available inside this top 3D game so be smart to go for them and complete the challenging task. You can even jump & bark while playing around in this totally free game. In this Life of a Dog Simulator game, get ready for some real adventures. Pick up stuff, search various objects and find your way to accomplish given objectives. This Dog Simulator game features interactive sounds, stunts & actions and fun game play makes this even more interesting to play. Better performance increases your chance of earning points. This game is designed with 3D graphics. No doubt, this game is going to be full of fun and joy for you. This animal simulator has been designed for all sections of age. Download Free at Google Play Store to play now and live the ultimate Life of a Dog. Life of a Dog Simulator Key Features: 100% Free Game play. Your pet dog is free to roam in massive open-world of busy city streets, wide-open parks, fenced neighborhoods and village environments. Upgrade your Dogs Strength, Stamina, and Speed. Use your powerful bite to defend your territory and fight your enemies. Different Dog Breeds with rich Game play Missions. Real-time movement with smooth and habitual touch controls. Stunning high quality 3D graphics. Invariable and optimized performance. Fascinating background music. Realistic Simulation engine. Download Dog Simulator to experience the exciting life of a stray dog surviving on the busy streets. Do not forget to rate the game and give your feedback for further improvements.
Operating System Android