Army Games 3D

PRIVATE, ATTENTION. Follow your Drill Sergeant's instructions, He will not repeat them. Clear the assault course and complete your army training and to become a soldier from a simple citizen of your country. You must Join the national guard military academy in order to pass initial entry training in Army Games Training School. Run an exhaustive boot camp to learn combat training, and exert yourself to clear intense physical and mental training. Become a Hero who is ready for battle, Become extraordinary from ordinary. Your physical fitness and mental discipline will be put to the test in this obstacle based game. It's after all not easy to become a soldier as national guard. Army Games Features: Actual military school obstacle course- Real military training involving swimming, jumping, stealth, rolling and more - Complete hero battle events within time limits- Intuitive controls with epic battle music to make you feel in the army- Simple and funGo ahead and download, do not let your country get dishonored and humiliated. Be a Hero.
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