Surprise Eggs Factory 2

Welcome to your new factory. This is where you will learn how to create surprise eggs for your friends and your family. It is an extraordinary factory, you will discover all the secrets of making eggs. But that's not all, when you've created the most beautiful eggs than you can imagine, it's time to open them. It is at this point that it will become very fun. In addition to uncovering lots of toys, you are going to have the chance to open eggs you have made yourself. Now it's time to explain your new job. First of all you have to choose a color for box. Then dip the capsule into a jar of paint, then you will take care to assemble the chocolate egg. Finally the last step remains the most important, you must choose the wrapping paper from your egg. This Apps is perfect for young kids and babies> This game is 100% free & safe> Now it's time to create surprise eggs. This application is perfect to offer eggs to your friends, don't need to buy eggs in stores anymore, you can now create yours. When you will create your egg, you have choice between few famous superheroes and princesses like spiderman, the green hulk, Two angry birds cartoons and the snow qeen frozen elsa. There are more heroes to discover but you have to reach all levels to unlock peppa pig families and more. This application will be perfect for children from 3 years up to 10 years old. It will allow them to develop their reflexes and their motor skills. Moreover, it is necessary to be always more creative to create nice eggs.
Operating System Android