Extreme Pilot Flying Car Free

Get the chance to enter in Flying car parking 3D with your flying car driving simulator like a pro in one of the most strategic flying car games. Our special flying car parking 3d is formulated particularly for accurate flying car parking. The mission is simple but tricky as you have to drive your flying car driving simulator in the sky and take it to our extraordinary flying car parking 3d. In flying car parking 3d shooting task has been assigned where you have to destroy the entire cars in the city with your armored car in the presence of traffic cars. Take Off your flying car to destroy the helicopters and pass through the rings. Show off your flying car parking skills with more endeavors at every advanced level in our flying car parking 3d. So let's enjoy this best of all flying car games of the year - FLYING CAR PARKING 3D. Like to drive fast down city streets? Fly high in an airplane? Look no further and get straight into the fun that is the flying car parking 3D. Get in the driver seat of the specially modified sports car, do amazing stunts and drifts in the city streets or off road or activate airplane flight mode and turn your fast sports car into a unique flying car. In an instance you went from a top car driving expert to a professional airplane pilot. Want to drive fast through long streets of the city? Fly high in the sky above the city? What if you can enjoy both at the same time? Your wait is over and now gets straight into the action that is the flying car parking 3D. Get behind the steering wheel of a highly modified racing car. Perform amazing aerial flips and tricks, drift, crash, boost, and slide all around the city streets or off road. Activate airplane flight mode and watch the wings transform from the car turn your fast racing car into a unique flying car. In an instance you went from a top car driving expert to a professional airplane pilot. Features: Your mission is to fly or drive the flying car, Shoot cars, helicopters, get rings and accurately park it on the roof of a parking tower. 8 exciting game play levels. Complete the mission within the given time limit at every level. Use camera icon to view your car from different camera angles. Use the map on the screen to look at your flying car's position and the position of the destination. Use the gears provided on the screen to efficiently operate your flying car. Outstanding 3d graphics. Beautiful city environment. Great sound effectsSo get ready to enjoy the most challenging flying car parking tactics which are not possible in any other flying car games. Sit in our flying car driving simulator and open the wings to go above the buildings of the city and park it in our uniquely designed flying car parking 3d. Download today this one and only flying car parking game, called the FLYING CAR PARKING 3D and enjoy its amazing features.
Operating System Android