City Car Transport Trailer

City Car Transport Trailer simulation to enjoy best of the car transporter games. Do you like driving and transporting muscle cars on huge double Decker trailer? If yes, then fasten your seat belt and get ready for cars transporting. City car transport trailer is latest muscle car transporting game. This transport truck drive is sure to make you crazy and fill you with the eventual thrill during transporting luxurious cars. If you would like to become a good huge truck driver with chase a different challenges then feel free to play this cars transporting game. And complete its all thrilling levels and become a real truck driver hero. Play the role of car transporter and carry vehicles like construction bulldozer crane across the city. Load luxury cars in transport trailer to county and show expert truck driving skills in parking mania on city streets. Load Bulldozer and excavator cranes and take them to construction site in newest truck simulator 2016. These epic trailer truck are super-duper powerful so perform crazy stunts on curvy roads. Drive ahead in tow truck and deliver cargo like wild animals and wood logs in transporter simulator 2016. Drive oil tanker like world champion driver and perform stunts 3D like truck legends. Road construction needs cement reloading and material delivered so drive log truck and deliver bulldozer crane, follow traffic regulation and keep pedestrians safe in New York City. Experience driving a big transporter trailer truck in this transporter truck simulation 3d. The cargo trailer trucks are designed to carry heavy loads of sports cars. Be the standout truck driver and maneuver the truck carefully making sure the loaded automobiles are safe and unload the vehicles by arriving at time. Make sure you avoid the city traffic and public transport vehicles and don't bump into fixtures and city buildings. You also need to load the sports cars into the trailer. Pick up the cars from the dealership or the car wash, take them to gas station for filling if needed and load in the big city car transport truck and get the ultimate trucking experience. As you make money you'll be able to visit the car dealer to buy different cars to load on the car trailer truck. So park your vehicle in the car transport trailer and drive the cars to the right destinations. Do you think you can easlly drive a huge transporter truck that carries a heavy load? Your job in this game is load the cars on the car transporter trailer and drive the trucks from the truck parking lot to the showroom garage unload the truck there and earn some cash. You complete this task if you if transport all the cars without taking any damage as you drive to the destination.
Operating System Android