Roller Coaster Desert Tour VR

It's time to get a new exciting experience of an amazing 3D graphics of a real Roller Coaster VR in a real desert environment that belongs to the 360 Games of immersive VR cardboard action. It's a thrilling ride of VR Roller Coaster in a dessert with lots of chameleon and beautiful desert plants and flowers. There are amazing twist and turns in this amazing swing of Roller coaster. The game Rollercoaster Simulator Desert Tour VR takes you out of this world and you are going to forget that you are playing a virtual reality game, it would definitely seem like you have somehow merged in the reality of this game. You might have been played some related games of desert racing, driving heavy trucks in desert and some other such types of games those have deserted environment mostly in racing means, but this is going to be e really new experience to drive your fun lane in the deserted scenarios by sitting in fast racing train rush roller coaster, this can only happen in Rollercoaster Simulator Desert Tour VR. Never miss a chance to get the best roller coaster adventure, in the desert you might go through different things that you have never seen, such as desert animals, chameleons, cactus etc.There are a lot of cactus, stay away and drive your own roller coaster, what are you waiting for? Hop in, start your mission of driving this amazing ride with unique controls, but this is a virtual reality game, this makes it more exciting to play the 360 games, cardboard extreme train rush adventure. How to play Rollercoaster Simulator Desert Tour VR: Twist right to make right turn. Twist left to turn to your left. Move your roller coaster fast or slow with race button. Control with the help of given controlsAre you ready to try this crazy deserted roller coaster ride? The roller coaster is moving very fast when you ought to enjoy it to the fullest. The steel rails in the bottom of your roller coaster are getting hot with the increase in speed, you hear a drastic ear burning noise which will fill your heart with the excitement of playing Rollercoaster Simulator Desert Tour VR as your best free time game. You never know what is coming next in your ride here, this is the time to start it, Rollercoaster Simulator Desert Tour VR is such an addictive game, this will be really hard for you to remove your attention from this, grab your Google cardboard or VR devices now, try this and merge in the fun of crazy desert environment, the sky is visible, the sun is on the top of your head, it is an amazing scene to look at, this cannot be much perfect for a sunny day to enjoy this coaster rolling around in different twists and turns all around the track to and forth. Feature are yet to come, here we go;Features in Rollercoaster Simulator Desert Tour VR: Realistic game play physics. Virtual reality environment. Desert scenario in a multi-level game. Day and sun scene. Intuitive controls. Fast shuttle roller coaster. Twists and turns on your will. Free to play. Realistic machine and roller coaster driving sounds. Different camera viewsSo what are you waiting for? Just download Rollercoaster Desert Tour VR now to check for the real fun, the game is waiting for you and definitely you are really going to love it for sure. Enjoy this fun land and don't forget to share with your friends and love one's.
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