Hyena simulator 2017

Take control of wild hyena and survive in huge world of wildlife. Use your claws and teeth and attack other animals, collect meat, grow and upgrade your skills. Hyena simulator is 3D game set in wild savannah and forest world full of wild animals. Game features: Wildlife mode, Battle mode and Adventure mode. Nice 3D graphic, animations and effects. Huge 3D world. Different animal enemies - hyena, rhino, lion, bear, boar, buffalo, elephant, deer, gorilla, wolf, cheetahWildlife mode - survive in big savannah and forest world full of wild animals. Remember - big herbivores or omnivores (elephant, rhino, boar, buffalo, deer) attack only If you attack them, BUT carnivores (wolf, hyena, cheetah, lion, bear) want to attack you, kill and eat. Battle mode - fight against selected wild animalAdventure mode - complete different animal hunting quests and earn extra meat to upgrade your animalUpgrade your animal and become the strongest animal in the savannah world. Hyenas look like large dogs, but they are more similar to cats like lions and tigers. Hyenas have very powerful jaws and strong teeth. Spotted hyenas live in large groups called clans.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None