T-Rex Simulator

Thousands years ago, earth's largest, fastest and most powerful creatures had a big fight for survival. They must have to fight against own kind. Play like a dinosaur from birth to death. Also experience living in the past. Discover the lost world of dinosaurs. Get ready to journey which every moment is full of danger. Stay alive and protect your family. GAME Features: Complete the initial tasks. Raise your dino and kill the more powerful dinosaurs. You will be hungry, thirst and tired. Protect your health. Find your mate. Have a cub and protect your family. Wait near the eggs and enjoy the experience of having a cub. Use your mini map and large map finding enemies. Increase your level, strengthen the character. TECHNICAL DETAILS: Mobil optimized HD graphics. Sensitive touch controls. Handy buttons. Quest system. Level system. Dynamic day and night system. Realistic jungle environments. Different camera angles. Lots of dinosaurs. All game data can be saved. "How to play" for new starters. Have Fun Playing T-Rex Simulator. Thanks.
Operating System Android