Furious Horse Survival Sim

Raise your own family and baby horse in this ultimate wild horse simulator and become the horses of the forest. Enter into the wild life of an ultimate horse with horse games. In this horse simulator start battle of hunger and survival in forest and save your mate and baby horse from wild angry animals in this wild animal simulator and rule over the savanna jungle like a horse of the forest. Wild horse simulator free and wild horse games were never been so awesome. Start the epic quest series of final war to protect your family. Just eat and drink more for your energy stay hydrated with horse games. You have to hunt and drink when your hunger level gets low in this ultimate horse simulator. You and your family is the horses of the forest so be a king of the huge rain-forest and big savanna jungle with FURIOUS HORSE SURVIVAL SIMULATOR the super-hot edition in angry and wild horse games. REALISTIC HORSE SIMULATOR: This is an epic and realistic horse simulation games in which you have to raise your horse family and protect your baby horse from other wild animals like gazelle, wolf, bear, blood craving jaguar, sheep and many more jungle animals. FIND YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS: Locate your mate and baby horse in different stages of the game and try to team up against your enemies in tropical rain-forest. EPIC QUESTS OF BATTLE AND WAR: In wild horse games complete quests with eating and drinking water to increase energy and hydration level. Without eat or drink you will struggle against the jungle predators in horse online games. FIGHT AGAINST JUNGLE ENEMIES: Attack to hunt and survive and develop your hunting skills to fight against enemies like wolf, lion, bear, lion, big tiger etc with horse games and wild horse survival simulator. ESCAPE SHEEPS AND YOUR MATE FROM ENEMIES: In this horse quest games you have to escape your mate from wild jungle animals and also fight for sheep to escape from enemies with wild horse games. DYNAMIC WEATHER CYCLE: In horse simulator you will face procedural weather system with unique rain storms and clouds movement. Fight for your survival and hunger in harsh conditions with horse games. MULTIPLE HORSE QUESTS: You have multiple missions to accomplish with this horse simulator. Complete all quests and become the horse of the forest. This is an absolute treat for the lovers of wild animal simulator and wild horse games. Start the battle of hunger and survival with your ultimate horse and mate and become the horses of the forest in horse online games. Download the complete life of wild horse in shape of FURIOUS HORSE SURVIVAL SIM the vertex of horse quest.
Operating System Android