Mayday Mayday. Car transporter jumbo plane is ready to fly. Are you ready to take over airplane flight? There is a big car transporter jumbo areoplane. Cargo plane sim 3D is one of the best and latest car transporter game. You need to play this aircraft simulator game & forget all other cargo and flight simulator games. Flight Cargo Plane Sim 3D is giving you a chance to put yourself in the pikot of airplane cargo sim 3D and take off airplane flight. We have something new in flying simulator do you ever wanted to be an aeroplane pilot if yes then it is time to play transport plane game sim. The main objective of plane simulator is to load and unload the expensive sports cars and other vehicle in the cargo plane sim 3D your duty start with car driving to the city and take it to the airport, load automobile inside the big flying airplane. You need to experience the great airplane tycoon along with unafraid sports car driving. Cargo plane sim 3D where you learn how to load and unload a jumbo cargo plane on city airport and in this transport plane game sim you will load your truck with the very precious dozens of vehicles & sports car from the showroom and take them all very safely to the city airport. Transport simulator is addictive flying car simulator game where you will be given by some extraordinary expensive cars to load and unload these automobile to cargo flight simulator. You need to drive carefully and maneuver them on the aeroplane where then can fit perfectly within the spot. When all sports cars loaded to the plane, you need to sit on pikot and take off into the sky. In enhance, take guide how to handle aircraft, take over, land your flight and steer you cargo plane through all of the square checkpoints to make sure you are going to the right endpoints. You need to follow the waypoints and land at your destination marked zone within the time. It is decided that if you are a real lover of cargo plane sim 3D with a huge twist you absolutely need to download this new car transporter game. If you did not play our any other car transporter or pirate simulator game then don't worry you are going to enjoy this real time physics plane adventure game. Transport plane game sim is not easy as well as not very tough pilot game, just you have to show your driving and flying skills in cars and pixel plane. You are going to enjoy over 30 amazing and thrilling levels with realistic graphics and sounds. If you love to space flight into the sky then download it and start enjoying airplane flight. Features: 20 stunning levels with landing, take off and many moreVarious airports to take off and land your aeroplaneRealistic real time physics, 3D graphics & sound A big Jumbo airplaneStunning sports cars with smooth control.
Operating System Android