Police Criminal Transport Ship

After the overwhelming response on Army Criminals Transport Plane and Army Criminals Transport Ship, FazBro Studio presents another criminal transport game in line with our transporter games, Police Criminal Transport Ship, you get to drive speed boat, power boat in addition to power boat and speed boat as the names say's it yes a police ship you get to be a captain of police prison transport ship. In our Army Criminals Transport Plane, you got to drive a jail prisoner transport van and experienced army truck simulation and transport plane simulation like most police prisoner transport van and jail criminal transport van games. This time you get to experience power boat transporter simulation in our Police Criminal Transport Ship simulator game. Transporting jail criminals and army prisoners in a plane is easy as once in the air you don't have to worry about any prisoner escape from a police plane unlike police prison transport van or prison transport bus as it always has a chance of an attack for prison escape. Jail criminals transport is no child's play and requires razor sharp focus to drive a jail prisoner transport van to the dockyard to be further transported island prison as prison transport planes cannot be used due to lack of a runway or airport. In our Army Criminals Transport Ship, you experience speed boat simulation, this time you get to experience power boat simulation as not all dockyard is not in deep sea water restricting anchoring of prison transport ship, power boat are used for the task to transport prisoners to the prison transport ship. Enjoy the fun of Police prison bus driver, being a captain of police prisoner transport ship. Features of Police Criminal Transport Ship: Drive Prison Bus and Police Truck for Prisoner Transportation. Power Boat Transporter Simulation. Steer jail criminals & army prisoner across stormy seas. Take on the role of foreman of the ship. Transport Prisoner with Smooth and Handy Game Play. Realistic Ship Transport Simulator. Realistic water, waves and ship movements. Multiple Police Prisoner Challenges to Complete. State of the art army transport vehicles at your disposal. More to come. Stay tuned for more announcements regarding the game-play.
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