Underwater Prisoner Transport

Underwater army Prisoner Transport is an attractive game package for transport and attacking game lovers, as you have played Swat Prisoner Transport Plane and Army Prisoners Transport Plane here is the new way to transport criminals via underwater submarine car. As criminal escaping is so common now a day the prisoners are so smart to escape, that's the only main reason to make it more tough and impossible for them to make prison escape. In this prisoner transport game many of jail criminals submarine will attack on you to free their army criminal mates, but you have to fight back and destroy all those enemies submarine and transport jail criminals. You as a navy officer have been assigned a task to complete and transport all the army criminals in your custody and fight against all those obstacles & hurdles that come in the mid of your way. These criminals are carried out from the army prisoners transport van straight to the navy submarine car, so there would be no chance of escaping in this submarine simulator game. For this duty you as the best u boat commander have to maintain your post, by transporting most wanted army prisoners to the offshore jails through your underwater submarine army transport vehicles. As You have the fully loaded navy submarine car with bombs which you use for defense submarine attack to clear the way to the other shore in this underwater simulator game. This entertainment game is mixture of army criminal transport, underwater simulator & submarine war. If you love such kind of submarine attack, naval warfare & army criminal transport game, so this one is for you where you experience the underwater driving u boat simulator including submarine battles all in one. You have to show all your skill of being a perfect u boat commander of submarine driving underwater car, to win this submarine war. For making it more interesting and difficult for the players there are many difficult scenarios to complete the level, there is not only one hurdle there may arrive so many more alike it or may even be more dangerous so you have to survive as well as attack and transport the criminals. Be the brave naval army solider and show your submarine battle attacking and driving skills in this game. Features of Underwater Prisoner Transport: Super Challenging Jail Criminals Transport Levels. Enjoy This U Boat Simulator Navy Submarine Driving. Realistic Army Transport Vehicles to Move Army Prisoners in Underwater Car. Realistic Water, Waves and Ship Movements. Transport Army Prisoners from The Transport Van with Smooth and Handy Game Play. Take On the Role of Foreman of the Ship in This Submarine Simulator Game. Amazing Underwater Driving Graphics. Realistic Naval Warfare Environmenthttps://www.facebook.com/Brilliant-Gamez-1082414228494674/? fref=ts&ref=br_tf.
Operating System Android