Bus Transporter Truck 2017

After the overwhelming response of X Ray Robot Transport Truck; let's take you to another transport pro truck driver journey. Make way for bus transporter truck simulator as car transporter truck is an old story now. Once again get behind the wheels of one of the best transporter truck and complete bus transport simulator duty instead of car transporter truck and army criminals transport in this bus transporter truck simulator game and prove to be the best off road tourist bus driver. It's time to prove your car transporter truck driving skills. Put your tourist bus transport skills to the ultimate test as you get on with the truck transporter duty of various off-road bus, tourist bus, city bus and even coach bus driver each with its individual maneuvering challenges. it's very hard to transport mega buses like tourist bus, city bus and school bus as compare to sea animals transport, army criminals transport, police transport and bike & car transport in this mega euro truck transporter. Travel across the vast map as the American truck driver and Euro truck driver in your multi storey truck. In this Bus Transporter Truck 2017 game your transporter trailer truck driver endurance, skills and speed will all be pushed to their limits. It's time to get behind the wheels of multi truck and prove you've got what it takes to be part of an elite transportation trucking force. Bus Transporter Truck 2017 puts you in the seat of a multi truck driver as you take charge of your own transport company. Make the best of your opportunity and transport bus safely to their respective locations. Drive your bus transporter truck trailer through different weather conditions and to different locations like off road tourist bus stand, school bus stand or even to the jail centers for prisoners transport. You have played many transporter games like sea animal transport, army criminals transport and police transport games but in this new transport game you will be a bus transporter who will be transporting mega buses like off road bus and tourist bus to different locations on your new euro transporter truck. Each bus transporter trailer truck challenge offers you a different variety of buses, like city bus, off road bus, tourist bus, coach bus and many more delivering each to their requested area. With Bus Transporter Truck 2017 experience the drive of your life, with a series of over a dozen ultimate challenges that puts you and your truck machine to the test. From the off-road uphill mountain roads, to bad weathers, to blocked routes, to highly restricted areas of army prison, you will need to work in perfect harmony with your transport truck to reach your destination safely. If you like playing tourist bus games or off road bus games, you would love this off road bus transport game. Add to your portfolio of off road bus games and best bus simulation games with this real drive van simulator. So buckle up, start your engine and get on the routes to begin your bus transportation career. Download this game NOW. Features of Bus Transporter Truck 2017: " Various Simulation For Trucking Enthusiasts" Plan Your Own Routes And Drive Them Yourself" Follow The Traffic Rules And Stick To Your Schedule" Realistic Bus Driver And Multi Storey Truck Driver Controls" Pick Up A Variety Of Metro, Off Road And Couch Bus, And Deliver Them On Time. " Try The Life Of A PRO Truck Driver, By Delivering The Cargo Bus Safely And Improving Your Skills " An Absolute Treat For Car Transporter And Robot Transporter Lovers With Comprehensive Missions.
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