Lunch Vending Machine Kids Fun

Sam does not like travelling to the supermarket, he prefers vending machines to collect cool things at one place like fast food, ice cream, cold drinks and more school lunch fun. Since he has tried many vending machines, he always looks new ways to find a different vending machines that could have all the things that he likes the most specially fast foodLately, his friend Peter has introduced him a new vending machine which has lots of things; from soda drinks to fresh candy and from burgers to pizza. This vending machine also has different plush toys and chocolate bars for kids. Since Sam enjoys more the freedom of buying different drinks, this vending machine lets him buy any drinks he likes. Just put in the money and press the button to buy your favorite burgers, chips, sandwiches and biscuits. So lets Sam enjoy new Vending machine Simulator which is a total fun with multiple levels. Features Lunch Vending Machine Kids Fun: Best Vending Machine Simulator-Candy, Gumball, Ice Cream, Soda -Play a Prize Machine Game-Full of Surprises for Kids-Fun for all Ages.
Operating System Android