Crazy Police Car Rush

Welcome to the Craziest world of action n simulation games. Game town studio comes with a new action and thrilling pack game: Crazy Police Car Rush. New York City intelligence police officer reported that: A gang leader Hobbs escape from the police custody and his target to increase criminal activities in New York City. Gang leader Hobbs already involve in different criminal activity like bank robbery, weapon & drug smuggling and his ultimate target to increase these activities in all over the world and take the hold on all mafia gangs, prisoners, robbers, gangsters and become the king of crime world. Your mission is to lock down and stops all these criminal activities in New York City, lets ready for the chase and smash gangster and criminal's car in Crazy Police Car Rush. Crazy Police Car Rush is full of ultimate action and thrilling game play, your job is to protect the New York City through mafia gang. Gangster wants to rob the bank, supermarket, and disturbing the peace of the New York City. Keep chasing in police car to arrest mafia gangsters & robbers. Drive Crazy wheels of police car Fast n furious to stop the robber's mafia clown car and arrest the Robber's and control city crimes. Enjoy the Extreme action Police motor car drifting and speed chasing in Crazy Police Car Rush. Crazy Police Car Rush game features: Realistic Mega city Environment- Brand New Awesome Police Cars- Smooth and easy Steering controls- Detailed Interiors- Intelligent Traffic System- Realistic Police car parking and driving controls- Adventurous & Exciting levels- Different sound track- Multiple camera views- Slow down if there is a turn ahead- Best action n thrilling game- You will see amazing environments. Indicator buttonsWe hope you will like our Crazy Police Car Rush and don't forget to rate us on Google Play. Thanks.
Operating System Android