Injustice police cargo squad 2

to all the real pilots and police men in the world: It's time for the best Injustice police cargo squad game in the world. get your cars aboard and deliver your package with precision on time. police car and trucks and vehicles. drive through urban city and fly over urban city. join the injustice precision squad Drive vehicle's to the correct place and load them with all the heavy vehicles around. a cool manual parker gameBecome the best cargo airplane pilot of the world and train also your precision driving skills with cars. Injustice police cargo squad is a realistic car transporter simulator that make your biggest dreams come true. Be in the new reality and fly sky high. Features of Injustice police cargo squad Transport: + One of the best 3D cargo airplane flight simulator games online+ Exciting transporter planes with realistic steering controls for precision driving+ Challenges to become the world's best cargo airplane car transporter pilot+ Drive around with police car, big american trucks and more vehicles+ Win all challenging missions in the world of transport simulators+ Many different camera angles to achieve precision driving skills and steering control+ On screen steering wheel and brake/gas pedals+ police jeep and police VanCome and join in one of the best plane transport games online right now and enjoy the cool manual parker injustice police squad.
Operating System Android