Injustice police cargo squad

injustice cargo squad police auto: get into your police auto and become the best urban driver, can you handle every car missions and show the other town police what your are made off. so complete all the driver missions, and rule the urban town through driving be the coolest officerinjustice cargo squad airplane flight: step inside the cops airplane and fly through the sky. you get the leave from the airport to fly to the city. you need to follow with precision the map instructions. watch out you dont hit and object with your airplane on the airport follow the road with precision and then make your self ready to fly through the sky. and dont forget your instructions mapinjustice cargo squad truck transport: step inside your big cops transport truck and deliver evidence broken cars or stolen cars, be extreme carefull with this evidence you never know whats hidden inside and deliver the evidence with precision so make sure to park the american truck on time and be the best in drivinginjustice cargo squad boat trip: step in the extreme power speed boat and sail the caribbean sea. are you ready to take a trip through the caribbean sea and find out how mutch power your extreme speed boat has. and be the coolest officer Features: + one of the greatest 3D flight simulation games online+ exciting planes with realistic steering controls for precision flying+ challenges to become the world's greatest planes pilot+ Drive american truck and more vehicles+ Win all challenging missions in the world of transport simulators+ many different camera angles to achieve precision driving skills and steering control+ On screen steering wheel and brake/gas pedals.
Operating System Android