Ultraviolet night vision

Do you want to play as a detective or spy and use ultraviolet light? Or looking for thermal camera or x-ray live effects? All this and other original live camera effects are HERE. ''Ultraviolet night vision'' is an exciting live camera filters pack. SEE AS A DEMON with DEMON VISION. Features: demon vision (exclusive). Thermal vision- Ultraviolet light- Night vision- X-Ray vision- All filters work in Live mode using your camera. Make photos or enjoy live filtersDisclaimer: This application provides only camera filters and does not have real functionality of ultraviolet light or thermal camera with temperature. Anyway we tried to make it the most realistic way. Enjoy. Choose the filter, look through it on cat or dog, make a stylish photo or just have fun with it. Open all filters, try to use thermal camera for ghost hunting and have fun. Write comments, what filters are your favourite. Thank you for playing our games and applications. Leave feedback for applications and we will make them even better.
Operating System Android