Hypnotizer pro

Scientists proved that people can be hypnotized. This is mystic and not fully researched phenomenon. Control your friends with the power of hypnosis. Hypnotizer pro is a great hypnotic pack for all situations. Open all hypnotic illusions. Trick your friends and force them do what you want. You can even hypnotize people for real if you will practice enough. How To use: Choose your favourite illusion and switch it on. Ask friend to look to the centre of the spinning circle and listen to the hypnotic music. Look there over 30 seconds and say your commandsTry to hypnotize your friend with illusion projector and make him execute all your commands. Mesmerize people and force them to follow your rules. Use the power of hypnosis to rule all people. Application uses your camera and hypnotic sounds to create the most realistic effects. Play with your friends as an Illusion master. Attention. Hypnotizer pro is just a game, not a real hypnotic projector, it only simulates animated hypnotic illusion on the screen. Hypnotizer pro is a great application for prank. Have fun. Leave feedback to our games and we will make it even better.
Operating System Android