Farm World Mobile

You build and cultivate your own small farm with up to 8 horses, E. g. Haflingers, Arab, and Shetland ponies. Typical farm animals such as sheep, cows and pigs to be added. The cultivation of grain, vegetables and fruit provides animals with food, while the produced goods such as eggs, cheese and honey can be sold at the stalls. A beautifully landscaped farm soon attracts the first visitors. Through the breeding of new breeds, the player expands his farm to a thriving Stud, that attracts enthusiastic horse fans and bringing the cash register ringing. Farm World Mobile free features: 4 Tutorials. 1 sandbox-mode map with different buildoptions World Mobil Premium features: 7 further various missions around the management of a farm. factories producing agricultural products, such as mill, dairy and beekeeping. 10 typical farm animals and 8 different horse breeds. grain and vegetable fields and orchards for the production of feed. Free landscaping at various heights with rich planting, bridge constructions and waterfalls. Construction of water with simulated water spread and more realistic depth of water. 10 different types of staff take care animals and Park, by the zookeeper, vet up to the trainer for animal stunt performances. sandbox-mode with 10 map in different climatic zones.
Operating System Android