Robot X Ray Hoverboard 3D

Feel like a futuristic robot and win the race X Ray. At your disposal a hoverboard and technological capabilities of your character. In the simulator you have to join the fight for first place with other carobot and show everyone your flight skills. Prepare to severe tests, traps of X Ray and atmosphere of speed. Do not be afraid, keep hoverboard smoothly, and you will succeed. In the simulator you will find beautiful 3D graphics, so you can fully enjoy the breathtaking views of the vast city of X Ray and tech buildings. Experience the real effect of the flight and the beauty of a futuristic robot. Thanks to the good physics you will be able to think through your movements, up stunning tricks and even destroy other hoverboard of carobot. Energetic music of the simulator add the fun to competition and you will never get bored during breaks. By the way about them. Between missions, you will be able to develop your futuristic robot and improve your hoverboard. So you will be able to express yourself in the simulator, to find your own style and be unique carobot in the competition of X Ray. Missions themselves are varied and require different skills from you: reaction, logic and intuition. Gradually work your way to the final, learn new tricks, get ready for new traps and the meeting with the best futuristic robots of planet. Everyone can now experience the atmosphere of the competition of X Ray and become carobot as simulator is absolutely free. If you are ready to show miracles of bravery, agility and speed, do not wait. Hop on a hoverboard, get off at the start and hit the public in the fight against futuristic robots. Good luck, novice carobot, and smooth flow.
Operating System Android