Project Urban Parkour 3D

Go into the atmosphere of the urban parkour in the simulator. Become a member of Project Edge of Mirror, stand up the opposition government tyranny and feel the freedom. Perform tasks on the delivery, destruction or theft, hide from the law, earn money on gear and standing in the world of roofs. Save the urban from the enemy and become a hero. If you're ready for difficult situations and you want to test yourself in parkour, then forward. In the simulator you will find an excellent 3D graphics that will give the entire a gloomy atmosphere of urban and allows you to enjoy spectacular views over the rooftops. A complex system of physics and excellent animation will make you completely get used to the role of participant of project Edge of Mirror and to know all the features of the doing deadly tricks. Energetic music will add fun during the job and will not get bored during breaks. A ranking system will spur you to quickly develop and train hard in the simulator. To become a master of parkour, and not disappoint the management of project Edge of Mirror necessary to try hard. Take up any assignments, explore the urban, look for the secret hiding places and learn new tricks. Do not forget about your gear in the simulator - do not let inconvenience or torn rope ruin your day. Also, take care of your teammates of the parkour, because any help will be very useful during the secret war. Up the rating of the project Edge of Mirror and show all the harm of the urban of tyranny. The simulator is absolutely free, so that anyone can become a member of a secret organization of parkour and to take part in an exciting war. If you have the courage, skill and determination, then you are the right place. Venture into a new world and show all your skills - good luck in the project Edge of Mirror.
Operating System Android