Pocket Robot X Ray GO

Here you have to defend the planet from carobots of series Robot X Ray. Become a defender of the planet, become the commander of futuristic robots, collect the full pocket collection and enjoy the spectacular battles. You will travel through the real world and interact with carobot in augmented reality. Use the radar to locate the presence of signals, then turn on the camera and throw special battle energy ball in futuristic robot. The chance of getting a new model for your pocket army will depend on The accuracy of your throw, so be careful - take care of the opportunity to become stronger in the fighting with the minions of Robot X Ray. In your journey you will interfere with the hostile carobot. After the fighting with them, you'll gain experience and thus improve your futuristic robots. Avoid special battles until you develop your collection and do not expose the strengths of your pocket minions. For damages you also will use special fighting energy ball; Again, be careful and try to get as quickly as possible and more accurately by assistants of Robot X Ray. You will plunge into a future full atmosphere thanks to the excellent 3D graphics. Enjoy the amazing models of the collection and enemies, battles of futuristic robots and spectacular energy ball effect. Express yourself, bring a unique set of carobot and show your sense of taste in time of battle. Pocket Robot X Ray GO completely free game, so that everyone can become a defender of the planet and fighting with the invaders. If you are fearless, not afraid to travel and enjoy carobot, then go ahead. Lead your pocket army, save the planet and defeat the futuristic Robot X Ray. Good luck in fighting.
Operating System Android