Crap I'm Broke: Out of Pocket

Set in a Cubist-style world, Crap. I'm Broke: Out of Pocket is a hectic life management game. Do mini-game style jobs (like scrubbing dishes and flip burgers) to avoid eviction and keep starvation at bay. Dodge Death. And Debt. Enjoy a Cubist-inspired game world and a jazzy soundtrack by underground musician Kimono. Pursue a variety of careers as dishwasher, human statue, bouncer. and many more. Play fun mini-game jobs -- and do whatever it takes to pay those bills. Use your newfound disposable income to buy items, unlock perks, and earn new jobs -- spending as wisely or as recklessly as you see fit. Save spare time between levels and unlock micro-games. Choose and accomplish New Year's resolutions and collect lifetime memories. Be a Good Samaritan and reap rewards -- or misbehave and be met with bad luck -- with an in-game karma system. Buy items at the in-game webshop that may grant you perks and access to new areas.
Operating System Android