Derby Car Forklift

There is car traffic jam on the derby roads people are stuck they have to reach on their spots as soon as possible to begin their daily activities. The reason of these blocked roads is the wrong parking by few people. You are on a police duty at that street there is a forklift challenge for you to put all these wrong parking in the junkyard with the help of lifter. These are very good derby cars of people drive lift and carry the cars away at their right place. Your duty is very serious because to clear the traffic jam and lift the cars with the help of forklift as this duty is very heavy due to heavy machinery and congestion free area. Though this car lifting is heavy duty but it's the challenging for you as well. Driving, simulating while lifting the cars is tricky, as you have to manage the load so the car doesn't tip off. Stop the fork lifter at the right position so that the forks can easily pick the load without damaging the expensive good cars and drop them at junkyard. Give an informer alarm for the rest of the society so that they should be careful while blocking the roads. Enjoy these heavy vehicles machinery in this car driving game. Experience the thrill and excitement lifting cars and buses from the roadside. Your job is to clean up the mess created by the wrong parked car. The goal of this game is to make most use of your forks. There are different levels cross those levels one by one by hitting those targets before the time gets short & enjoy the police duty. There is a smooth game play download it & enjoy it. Features: Wonderful Forklifts Driving Physics. Real Experience of Driving. Various Levels. Time Limited Forklift Challenges. Day & Night Scenes with Amazing Graphics.
Operating System Android