Fish Paradise - Aquarium Live

Ever wanted to turn an empty sea bed into a beautiful vibrant virtual reef filled with cute, colorful and unique fish and sea creatures? Raise a pet fish, each fish is hand drawn with HD graphics. This is the game you have been waiting to play, splash into Fish Paradise now for FREE. Design your own Unique Underwater Aquarium. Hundreds of corals, plants, structures and decorations to choose from and design a masterpiece. Raise and Feed Beautiful Tropical Fish. Clownfish, Emperor Angelfish, Pennant Butterfly, Triggerfish, and more. Discover Sea Creatures. Sharks, Whales, Dolphins, Jellyfish and more. Find Exotic Breeds. Clown Fish + Blue Hippo Tang =? Play with Friends. Make new friends from an ever growing community. Visit their reefs, feed their fish, send them gifts and share messages together. Game Features: Design a reef, bay or island of paradise and raise pet fish. Hundreds of vibrant, colorful and unique decorations, coral and fish to collect. Watch your fish grow from a baby into an adult, your fish never die. Breed fish together and find 100+ rare and cute fish combinations. Beautiful and detailed hand-drawn HD graphics. Constantly updating with new events and improvements based on user suggestion. Create an aquarium live wallpaper and splash into a tropical ocean reef under the sea. Camera mode takes your pet fish and makes a fish draw in HD graphics. Make your reef look like a island or a bay of paradise. Please note. Fish Paradise is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. Game Community: Facebook Twitter Support: support@orcastudios. net.
Operating System Android