Super Fleets - Legend

SuperFleets-Legend is an iron-fleet-themed SLG mobile game, where players can operate all kinds of famous ships, from World War I warships to modern battleships, to form an invincible Ocean fleet. The vast ocean is full of wealth, however beware as there's also the risk of underwater predators as well as the risk of the unknown waters. Defend yourself with the best quality turrets, the strongest anti-ship missiles, the most highly explosive torpedoes and the heaviest spreading bombs. Use your time wisely to be King. While playing SuperFleets-Legend, the principle strategy behind developing your base is not for players to spend any extra money, instead the only thing players need to spend is a bit of their time. Go to each of your buildings and prepare a planned schedule to ensure that most of your construction and production time will take place during the period between your work and entertainment time. That way when you come online, you can collect your resources, begin your next wave of operation and even fit it a battle or two. By playing SuperFleets-Legend, you will understand the one truth about gaming: If you organize your time properly and add a bit of determination, then even average players can also become King. Battle array matching. While playing SuperFleets-Legend, before determining your strategy and entering battle, you need to be clear about the relationships between each ship (battleships, frigates, submarines and aircraft carriers) and their respective attributes, as this will help you match and form a strong battle array. In most cases, not every bridge can be easily crossed, however if you follow this principle, you only need to make minor adjustments to your lineup to have a great chance of victory. PVE, PVP & Brainstorming. SuperFleets-Legend's wide variety of battles is one of the main reasons why so many players are addicted to the game. According to our fleet's opinion, the tiniest of changes can have a huge impact on the whole game. So as we face the current AI and player location obstacles, we also need our fleet to brainstorm to help us constantly update old concepts and help us apply new technology to make battles more flexible. This will allow SuperFleets-Legend's battles and victories to continue for a very long time. Battleships are converging and war is approaching. The exquisite graphics and vivid details of each vessel will be put directly under your authority. Once the invincible fleet's mast blots out the sky and covers the sun, once the unbeatable empire's fleet plants it's flag all over the world, once the high sea's fleet rewrites history. SuperFleets will be reorganized and will be waiting to set sail, but will you be fully prepared? You need to prepare your ultimate battle strategy, as you're about to be taken to experience the real major fleet war. Commander your fleet to cross the T. How can you weaken your enemy before they attack? How can you reduce damage when the enemy attacks? How can you cripple your enemy when you attack? These are the questions facing each player. The answer is to try using the same ships in a different battle array, as this could lead to completely different results. Collect resources, build ships, upgrade technology and create your own blue-water navy to sweep all enemies from the ocean. Do you feel like you don't have enough quality ships? Every day SuperFleets-Legend will give you a free chance to win prizes, and if you persevere, you too can form an advanced fleet in no time.
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