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From the creators of Otome games with - comes the newest game, Ninja Shadow out of our proud ninja series with . Presented by Shall We Date? - #1 dating simulation game. Shall We Date? is the leading Otome Game app brand that offers famous Ninja series whose latest version is Ninja Shadow. What is Otome game? You're the Otome (heroine) - in these love story games, you'll experience romance in the virtual world with irresistible men. Just tap your way through game and enjoy intimate moments with your favorite. Indulge yourself with large-scale love stories that are neither manga nor novels on your mobile devices. Be the Otome and experience virtual romances with our game apps. ABOUT NINJA SHADOW: "I promise I'll protect you no matter what happens "Your passionate love with hot ninjas begins here."Are you. a girl? "This game is a series of romance story is full of surprises. You secretly join an organization as a shadow of your brother. One of the senior ninjas become your instructor to support you. The feeling of trust eventually turns into something else that you start to see him more than just an instructor. Are you going to hide the secret or tell him the truth? The more you spend time with him, the more he grows on you. No one suspects whether you are a girl or not. You are afraid that your secret might soon be revealed. One of ninjas try to find out your secret, and another one knows your secret. They are sexy, strong and reliable ninjas. Your destiny is in your hands. The new world of ninja awaits you. Unique and Attractive Characters. An Assertive Commissioner - UkyoEveryone relies on him because of his loveable of personality. You get to know him better when he becomes your instructor, by which you realize your undeniable attraction to him. His caring nature is what makes you fall for him. What would you do to when he notices your feelings? "Come on. Just tell me you love me". A Mysterious Interpreter - EduardBecause of his severe memory loss, it is hard for you to understand his intentions. He does not say much, but deep down you know how kind-hearted he actually is. Through the process of helping him recover his memories, he realizes that you are the key person to bring his lost memory back. How would you respond to his shocking confession? "Your smile brings me so much joy". A Sarcastic Oracle - AsagiComing from the family of oracles, he is constantly compared to his great father, which makes him overwhelmed. He comes to know your secret and you also learn his secret. By sharing each other's secrets, you become increasingly close to him. Would your close relationship with him lead you to be his partner? "Can I kiss you? "-Your missions is to find your true love. FEATURES: Play free of charge. Read stories with Story Tickets, which are given out daily. Appreciate beautiful illustrations in Japanese-manga and anime style that enhance your gaming experience. Enjoy multiple endings for each character; story endings vary depending on the choices you make. Dress up with cute Japanese-anime style avatars that are constantly updated. Join in-game events to receive exclusive stories, pictures, avatar items and more. Link your account on FACEBOOK. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Movies (fiction, love romance and fantasy novel) - TV Shows (anime, fiction, romance and fantasy). Japanese manga and anime- Otome games (virtual love story games) - Romance novels- Japanese culture- Travelling in Japan- Japan- Ninjas in JapanOur Otome game apps are perfect for anyone who is interested in virtual love romance. FOLLOW US: NTT Solmare (HQ: Osaka, Japan) is a company that strives to market the best dating apps for adults, virtual games for girls, and anime love games for free. Visit our Facebook page: NTTSolmare (. LIKE our page if you enjoy our love romance games. ) Visit our Youtube channel:
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Version 1.1.1
Operating System Android
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