Wolf Craft

Craft your very own wolf and survive in the forest. Hunt animals, recruit wild wolves to your pack, and face off against fierce bosses. Collect materials to build customizations for your wolf including new fur colors, helmets, colorful auras, and much more. Download Wolf Craft at the very special 50% OFF sale price. INCREDIBLE FEATURESCRAFT YOUR WOLFCollect crafting materials from defeated animals and hidden treasure chests. Build excellent armor and accessories to Mix and Match on your wolf for a one-of-a-kind look. Bat Wings and a red Mohawk? Sure. Sparkle Aura, Sunglasses, and a Turtle Shell? Why not? LIVE AS YOUR WOLFLife is hard on a wild wolf. Finding food and water while staying safe is no easy task. You will have to keep yourself fed and hydrated or risk the death of your wolf. HUNT YOUR PREYSprint through an incredibly large open-world forest inhabited by delicious animal and fierce predators. Hunt and fight for your life to keep your pack well fed and happy. BATTLE BOSSESTry your luck against fearsome boss wolves like BlackFang and ThunderPaw. They are not your average enemies so be brave and fight with all your might. BUILD YOUR WOLFPACKRecruit a family of wolves to fight by your side and help you defeat even the most difficult of opponents. Watch them grow in size and strength as your pack fights for dominance of the Animal Kingdom. LEVEL UP YOUR WOLFGain experience and earn level-ups which will increase the strength and speed of your wolf. EXPLORE THE WILDERNESSGrab fish from streams, fight foxes on mountain tops, and care for your family in the safety of a rock cavern. An incredibly large and beautiful world awaits you. 3D ANIMATED VOXEL ANIMALSLoads of block-style animals with realistic animations bring the wild world of Wolf Craft to life. Wolves, foxes, deer, skunks, raccoons, owls, snakes, fish, birds and more are waiting to challenge you. SIMULATED WEATHER AND ATMOSPHEREPlay all day and through the night and watch as the world changes around you. Twinkling stars and realtime sunsets add realism and beauty to your experience that to our Advanced Weather Simulator. NO ADS OR IN-APP PURCHASESDon't worry about any bothersome ads popping up while your in a fight for your life. Craft your wolf and start the adventure of a lifetime today, the most unique crafting game in the world is finally here, Wolf Craft.
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