Real Park : Drive Simulator

Welcome to the REAL PAKR world. The city is busy, fast vehicles traveling on the road. Do you confident on your driving ability? Can you be a qualified driver in REAL PARK? If you believe in yourself. Then take the driver's license, your driving career began with it. In the REAL PARK, you will play four kinds of drivers of different types of vehicles. _TAXI driver. Take passengers to their destination, and parking in an increasingly complex routes. Driving all over the city's streets. For you and your passengers to have a perfect trip. _TRUCK driver. Delivery of goods, the delivery of large and small cargo to a designated location. Accurate delivery of a variety of materials. Be careful not to hit the goods. _BUS drivers. Small cars too easy for you? Big Bus Challenge will make you busy. Stick to your route, stick to your schedule, you do not collide with passenger. Pass every single task. _FIRE truck driver. Ruthless flame will burn everything. You need to immediately go to the place where fire is occurred. Extinguish flames, protect lives and properties for your citizens. Can you help the city's residents to complete such a complex driving task? They need you. Explore this city, more cash will be earned if you done tasks fastly. Game Features4 different types of vehiclesTaxi - Transportation of passengers to reach their destinationsTrucks - delivered the goods for the customersBus - pick up passengers at different sitesFire truck- extinguish the flames in the cityThere will be more than 90 intensive tasks, each task is a challenge. Simple operationCamera: multi-camera includes a first-person perspective.
Operating System Android