Ultimate Sea Monster 2016

Play as Gigantic Pre-Historic Sea Monster and experience the marine hunting adventure in a realistic underwater sea environment. Play as one of the most precarious beast ever existed. Being a Sea Monster you have to hunt and eat sea animals as well as humans. Attack boats and ski jets. Search all over the place the everglades and woodlands for your target. Find and chase the human enjoying on beach and take them down. Attack the people on boats with your massive jaws to create some havoc before they escape.complete your hunt before you get hunted yourself. See underneath the water with the petrifying eyes of a Killer Sea Monster. And Feel the Thrill of realistic Hunt. There is nothing more frightening than a famished Sea Monster out for a hunt. Enjoy your meal and lookout for the hunter. Install and enjoy as a fearless Sea Monster Adventures. Game Features: Realistic Ocean & Beach environments. Multiple Missions packed with Hunting Thrill. Multiple Texture of Sea Monster to Choose from. Smooth Controls and Easy gameplay. Real water physics, cool Sea Monster movements and animations. Beautifully crafted 3D graphics and realistic water environments: including beaches, docks and the open seaAbout TapinatorTapinator (Ticker: TAPM) designs, develops, and publishes games on mobile platforms. The Company's portfolio includes over 200 mobile gaming titles that, collectively, have achieved over 200 million downloads. Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For more info, visit Tapinator.com.
Operating System Android