Truck Driving Hill Climb

Go offroad and up seriously steep hills in Truck Driving Hill Climb, all thrills offroad truck racer simulator. Have fun in a all access open world environment, filled with places to explore and hundreds of collectibles to grab. AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD FOR FREE. Choose from a wide selection of amazing offroad 4x4 racing trucks, fully equipped for the tough offroad terrain and tall mountains to climb. Unlock all trucks by completing challenges and collecting all the collectibles hidden all over the world. Start your engines, explore wherever you want, drive all sorts of offroad 4x4 trucks to climb steepest hills of the map. Can't make up a hill? why not try a new truck, each truck comes with their own stats so you can get up quicker and easier with better trucks. Crash your way through environment objects; smash into fences, walls, postboxes, fire hydrants, lampposts, and more. Over 250 collectibles to collect, time to start exploring ever high point of the world and every hideaway. Collect all them all to unlock even better trucks.come and join in with the fun of climbing tall hills in huge wheeled 4x4 offroad trucks in Truck Driving Hill Climb, available to download for free.
Operating System Android