China Town: Police Car Racers

TAKE THE CHINA TOWN MOBSTERS TO JAIL. China Town is a city full of chaos and mobsters. Corrupt policemen and government officials are ruining the city and the mobsters can do anything they want. They are a big threat for all the citizens in China Town and someone has to put a stop to this. In this police car racing game it is you job to take on the China Town mobsters and put them away for good. CAN YOU HANDLE THE INSANELY FAST POLICE CAR? The crazy criminals in China Town have got some of the fastest cars do escape from the police. But not from you. With the insanely fast police car you are able to overtake and eliminate them. Take crazy criminals down and send them back to the China shores. They don't belong in a place as nice as you big city. PUT THE DEATH ROW CRIMINALS AWAY FOR GOOD. The people from the big city need to feel safe so these hardcore thugs really need to get locked far away from the normal big city world. Take them to the baddest jail in the country and just let them beat each other up. CHALLENGING POLICE DRIVER SIMULATOR JUST FOR YOU. The challenging levels in this police driver simulator are made to give you a challenge. With the amazing controls you will have the perfect control of your China Town police car but you have to have real skills. Take on this China Town police car racing game. Key Features of China Town Police Car Racers? Real police car racing game sounds? Ground breaking cop racing simulation physics? Adrenaline-filled cop racing simulation excitement? Detailed and unique challenges for the most wanted criminal challenger? Experience cutting edge big city graphics? Stunning fast police car dynamics? Real police car racing game features? Take down the China Town mobsters? More cop racing simulation games will follow shortly. ANY IN GAME PURCHASE WILL REMOVE ADS FOREVER. We're on Twitter, Facebook and more - find us on your favorite networks to hear about our newest games and other news updates:? Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube |
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