flying police car simulator 3D

Ever wanted to drive a extreme police car as a kid, or become a pilot of an airplane or jet. Well then you just found the most perfect game on the store to play. flying police car simulator 3D gives you the best of these two worlds. You can test your flying skills as well as your driving car skills at the same time. Drive your car to perform sick stunts and take off into the air. So go ahead and burn rubber, and fly through insane missions. You are free to etre fly around freely or do epic missions to earn cash to unlock more fun cars and missions. Become a pilot and race car driver at the same time, fly your car around the big open world. Try to perform insane stunt during the missions. Get ready to the thrilling cop car driving experience. You can test your airplane pilot skills and car driving ability at the same time. The missions in this flying car game are pretty straightforward you need to follow the path set out before you in the right time. This amazing flying car simulator will take you towards an action packed ride in the latest flying car racing games. Flying police car simulator 3D - Game features:- Not only driving in insane extreme cars but also flying this is insane right. Experience cutting edge realistic 3D graphics. A real police car simulator in the sky- Explore all the different missions. ANY IN GAME PURCHASE WILL REMOVE ADS FOREVER. wanna know more about VascoGames follow us on Facebook, twitter and youtubeFacebook - - - http://goo. gl/HChVVx.
Operating System Android