Flying Limo Car Simulator 3D

Flying Car combined with limo cars ready to take flight. In Flying Limo Car Simulator 3D you will be flying a big ass limo to the location of where you are needed. Imagine all the awkward and surprised faces when you come up to a party in a flying car, a flying limo car to be exact. Many different missions in this limo game Flying Limo Car Simulator 3D is a limo game in which you need to complete different missions. From collect and retrieve, cargo to slalom missions. Each with there own character and difficulty degree. This limo simulator does something that other limo games simply do not do: Thinking outside the box. Try the Flying Golden Limo Car for real flying action. For this version of our flying games, we really tried to do something different. And what's more different and special than a golden flying car in this limo game? Limo games all over won't feel the same after this. Flying Limo Car Simulator 3D Game Features :? A flying car needs to be epic, so why not try this limo game?? play through 50 different flying missions and become the best limo driver. This limo simulator has a real golden flying car. If you have any suggestions, please contact us for better games. Help us make more games and making games better. Our players are very important to us at Mobilegames. We want to make better games and also games that you, as our players like. Let us know in the comments, or any other social media what you would like to see for our next games. ANY IN GAME PURCHASE WILL REMOVE ADS FOREVER. We're on Twitter, Facebook and more - find us on your favourite networks to hear about our newest games and other news updates:Facebook - - - https://goo. gl/snGH7I.
Operating System Android