Space Simulator

Space Simulator : realistic full scale Solar System space flight simulator featuring historical Apollo and Space Shuttle missions and free flight missions; touch-enabled 3D virtual cockpits; emulated flight computers and high resolution planets. Features:- Full scale Solar System with planets, asteroids and major moons to explore- Visual orbit planner to design transfer orbits- High resolution textures on major celestial bodies- Double precision physics solver for real-scale and sub-millimeter resolution- Software level emulation of the Apollo Guidance computer (Apollo missions) - 3D planetary surfaces with mountains, craters, valleys- Futuristic space-planes for full Solar System exploration- MFDs (orbit, surface, transfer, docking, flight, maps, HSI, etc) - 3D zoomable and touch-enabled virtual cockpits (Apollo program) - Original audio on selected Apollo missionsMissions:- full Apollo Program and Space Shuttle missions- experimental North American X-15 missions- ISS docking- Mars missions- free flight missions. IMPORTANT: If for any reason the game fails to load or install or there is a major malfunction, please consider contacting us at info@brixtondynamics. co. uk before reviewing. If we can't find a solution for your particular device, a full refund can be issued.
Operating System Android