3DBlur is a Cocoa-based first-person game in which you fly a vehicle through a series of canyons, gaining as many points as you can before you crash. Score points by flying under rocks and other obstacles that block your path. Some obstacles are more difficult than others, requiring you to pull off some tricky moves in order to stay in the air.To play 3Dblur, simply steer your plane using the arrow keys or the mouse. You will always move foreward, although more slowly when you're flying upward. When you complete an obstacle, the number of points you receive briefly appears in the middle of your screen. Your total score is displayed in the upper left corner. Some noteworthy or especially difficult obstacles have special names that appear on your screen when you pass them. These names also show up on the high scores list as commendations.3DBlur is in continuous development and currently features four obstacle courses, seven terrain styles, and a level editor.
File Size3.2 MB
Operating System Macintosh
System RequirementsMac OS X, ATI Rage 128