Midtown Madness demo

Midtown Madness takes you on an exciting race through the streets of Chicago. Experience the crash-and-smash fun of its predecessor, Monster Truck Madness 2, raised to the nth degree. The city is modeled from Wrigley Field in the north to the highway exchange south of McCormick Place. The cars are all modeled after real-world vehicles, such as the new VW Beetle, the Cadillac Eldorado, the Ford F-350 pickup, and the Ford Mustang GT. For a change of pace, you also get some extreme cars, such as the 600-horsepower Panoz GTR-1 race car, a Freightliner truck, and a city bus (Speed without Keanu Reeves). Chicago's finest are waiting everywhere in their squad cars, and if you go screaming past, they'll jump into pursuit. Just try not to hurt any pedestrians along the way. The Midtown Madness Trial Version includes three vehicles: the city bus, the '99 Mustang, and the Panoz roadster. Get a peek at the Windy City--you won't get to see the whole thing in the trial version, of course, but you can race four different events: cruise mode (for a few minutes), blitz race, checkpoint race, and cops and robbers (multiplayer only).
Price USD 0
License Free to try
File Size 25.85 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System Windows, Windows 95, Windows 98
System Requirements Pentium-166, Windows 95/98, 16MB RAM, 3D accelerator card, DirectX Drivers