Dethkarz demo

Dethkarz exploits 3D acceleration technology to envelop gamers in a combination of futuristic worlds and realistic gameplay. The demo features the medium-length Metro City Track and straps you into the formidable Hyperon Dethkar to race against 19 computer-controlled cars. Weave your Dethkar around skyscrapers on a racetrack miles above Earth's largest city--Metro City. This demo allows racers to compete in arcade and time trial modes and submit their best times to the Internet DethLadder ranking system.
License Free to try
File Size 16.6 MB
Operating System Windows Windows 95
System Requirements Pentium-166, Windows 95, 16MB RAM, 30MB disk space, D3D-compliant 3D accelerator card with 4MB of RAM, DirectX-compatible sound card, DirectX 6.0