Motorhead Software demo

Motorhead is a car-racing simulation where speed makes the difference. Set in the near future, all the action takes place at the six venues of the Transatlantic Speed League. Venues range from downtown highways to abandoned mining facilities, and success is rewarded with additional cars and courses. Along with the spectacular crashes and breath-taking speed, the most impressive thing about this game is the AI. Unlike traditional racing games, there are no fixed paths or static patterns in the Motorhead engine. The game uses real world physical data to make the collisions more realistic. This is the software-rendered version of the game. There's also a 3Dfx version for those of you with a 3Dfx card.
Price USD 0
License Free to try
File Size 7.6 MB
Operating System Windows, Windows 95
System Requirements Pentium-133, Windows 95, 24MB RAM, DirectX drivers