Emergency: Fighters for Life demo

Command rescue units, police cars, and fire engines, and save people from desperate, life-threatening situations. But hurry--every second counts. You start your career as a unit commander with just a few units at your disposal and a few simple tasks, from traffic accidents to house fires. The display is realistic, and rescue scenarios are based on actual events. Concentration and quick thinking will help you take care of the injured fast and deal with a wide range of dangers like fires, floods, hurricanes, and even terrorist attacks. Every mission basically begins the same way. At first, you see an overview map that points out the location of the disaster (highlighted in red), the bases at your disposal and the vehicles, personnel and equipment they contain (highlighted in green and grey). Then it's up to you to figure out who to send and what they should do. This updated version includes four missions.
Price USD 0
License Free to try
File Size 16.04 MB
Operating System Windows Windows 95 Windows NT
System Requirements Pentium-120, Windows 95/NT 4.0, 16MB RAM, 150MB disk space, SVGA