SODA Off-Road Racing demo

Do you like feeling the power of eight hundred horses under you? Does your head have a permanent jiggle from going over too many bumps? Is your favorite food a mouthful of mud? If so, get ready to rumble! Based on the Short Course Off-Road Drivers Association series, SODA Off-Road Racing provides the adrenaline rush of an 800-horsepower truck taking twists, turns, and jumps at breakneck speed. No racing between the lines here--these trucks can take all the punishment you can dish out! But think twice before putting the pedal to the metal, because one small slip in the mud can send you spinning out of contention. This demo only contains one track. The Championship Series mode, multiplayer modes, records, damage, and replay system are not available for the demo version. Please note that this demo is 3D-accelerated for Rendition Verite-based cards only (Creative Labs 3D Blaster PCI, Canopus Total 3D, Sierra Screamin' 3D, Intergraph Intense 3D 100, and Miro Royal Flush). You must install Redline drivers for play.
Price USD 0
License Free to try
File Size 18.72 MB
Operating System Windows, Windows 3.x
System Requirements Pentium 90, 16MB RAM, Windows 95, DirectX