Formula 1 demo

Burn some rubber as you rev up the engines for serious high-speed Formula 1 racing. Psygnosis combines the explosive graphics-processing power of today's hottest 3D accelerator cards with realistic racing tracks and cars to bring you the latest in car racing simulations for the PC. The game features 17 tracks, 35 drivers, and 13 teams, all based on official Formula 1 specifications. It also features the ability to choose from arcade mode or Grand Prix simulation mode, for a world championship season, plus realistic engine sounds taken directly from real Formula 1 race cars, individual behavioral models for each driver, pit stops, and weather elements to affect strategic tactics. This demo features 2 tracks and will only work with 3Dfx Voodoo-based accelerator boards.
Price USD 0
License Free to try
File Size 4.42 MB
Operating System Windows, Windows 3.x
System Requirements Pentium 100 (for native video accelerator support) or Pentium 120 (for Direct3D support), Windows 95, 3Dfx Voodoo video card, DirectX drivers