Road Angel Plus

Road Angel Plus: 8 Hours Battery Life The Road Angel Plus now features a built in battery which has up to 8 hours of power, meaning wire free operation for the majority of journeys. Advisory Speed Limit - The Road Angel Plus also features the ability to tell you the speed limit as you approach camera sites in around the UK. As you approach a camera you the Road Angel Plus will display the advised area speed limit clearly on the screen and verbally warn you. Voice Prompt - Road Angel Plus features a clear voice prompt, letting you know exactly what kind of hazard you are approaching so you don't have to take your eyes off the road ahead. Fully Integrated Laser Sensor - With it's fully interaged laser sensor, to warn you of mobile police laser guns and safety camera vans, the unit is an all in one licence saver. Should the law chane and laser sensors are banned all you have to do is download a software update from to dissable the sensor, the system is then 100% legal and still warn you of fixed cameras and average speed zones. Overspeed Warning - Road Angel Plus incorporates an 'Overspeed' feature. A user defined speed is set, for example 70mph, and if the driver goes above that speed it will warn him or her. This is particularly useful for long motorway journeys when your speed can easily creep up without you noticing... Easily Transferable between Vehicles - The Road Angel Plus has 8 hours of battery life so you don;t even have to plug it into the cigarette lighter! It either mounts on the dash-board or windscreen of your car and can be removed and re-positioned in seconds. For example, from your work van into your private car. For security it is small enough to fit into a pocket or glove box when the vehicle is parked. Should you run out of battery life, just plug it into the cigarette lighter and off you go again! Intelligent Backlight Feature - New intelligent Backlight feature: A colour coded alert system utilising the existing Blue / Red backlight. If you are approaching a fixed, temporary or average speed camera location and traveling below the advisory speed limit, the display remains blue. If you are traveling above the advisory limit, or approaching a black spot or Primary School, the display backlight changes to red. If your speed subsequently drops below the advisory speed limit, the backlight returns to the normal blue colour. It can be disabled via the Alert menu
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System Windows 2003, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows, Windows XP, Windows NT
System Requirements
  • Windows 98SE/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003