Intel Network Adapter Driver for Windows 10

The 22.1 SW release re-enables both teaming and VLANS by performing a check on the OS version to ensure the update has been applied before allowing the feature to be enabled. Latest OS update required for teams and VLANs on Microsoft Windows 10. You must install the latest Microsoft Windows 10 updates before you can create Intel® Advanced Network Services (Intel ANS) teams and VLANs on Windows 10 systems. Any Intel ANS teams or VLANs created with release 20.1, 20.2, or 20.3 on a Windows 10 system will be corrupted and cannot be upgraded. The installer will remove these existing teams and VLANs. Team members that are not Intel devices will not be renamed back to their original names. This is cosmetic only and does not change their functionality. Reinstall their drivers to get the original names back.
License Free
Version 22.3
Operating System Windows