PC Card OS 8.5 Net Patch

If you have an Apple PC Compatibility Card and Mac OS 8.5, you've probably noticed that the PC Network Extension will not load. This disables networking on the PC Compatibility card. PC Card OS 8.5 Net Patch will allow the PC Network Extension to load, which allows some network functions, but not all, to work under Mac OS 8.5 with PC Compatibility Software 1.6.4. There is a bug in the Apple code to check for the OpenTransport versions. It is supposed to allow versions of OpenTransport 1.1.1 or higher, but fails for OpenTransport 2.0.x. OpenTransport 2.0.1 is included in Mac OS 8.5. This patch changes the code to require OpenTransport 2.0 or higher. Not all networking functions will operate correctly under Mac OS 8.5, but at least the extension loads correctly and networking works some of the time. The developer has not done a complete investigation of what works and what doesn't, but so far Internet access over an Ethernet is not reliable but file sharing over an Ethernet with other PCs appears to work.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 36.72 kB
Version 5.0
Operating System Macintosh, Mac OS Classic
System Requirements Mac OS 8.5, Apple PC Compatibility Card, PC Compatibility Software 1.6.4