Quiz - The 100

This series quiz is a tribute to the series The 100.Couldn't download the game? Here are all the questions!1 - Who is Clarke's father2 - Where do Mountain Men live?3 - Who is the commander who managed to end the war?4 - Where did the people of Mount Weather hide?5 - Who created the ''The 100'' project?6 - Who brought the disease that makes blood cry?7 - Who is the Grounder leader?8 - Who deploys the bomb on the bridge?9 - How did Abby and Kane get to Earth?10 - Who helps Clarke and Finn escape the reaper tunnel?11 - Who kills Lincoln?12 - Who was responsible for the nuclear explosion that devastated the Earth?13 - Who is Maddie?14 - What is Praimfaya?15 - Where is the Bunker that saves the clans?16 - Who commands the Bunker?17 - What was Octavia called on Bunker?18 - Who were the first of the Ark to arrive in the City of Light?19 - What was Clarke called by Grounders?20 - Who was the winner of the final conclave?21 - Who says: ''You are Wonkru or you are the enemy of Wonkru''?22 - Who managed to get out of Anomaly?23 - What is Diyoza's ship?24 - Who didn't want to be a Prime anymore?25 - Who is Monty and Harper's son?26 - How long (years) did they stay in cryosleep?27 - What name was given to the Moon that they find to inhabit?28 - Who is the commander who manipulated Maddie?29 - Who commands Sanctum?30 - Who stole Clarke's body?2020, Thalia Silva
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