The first installment of a physics-based puzzle shooter,bullet ricochetsIn each level, your goal is to kill all the men who wear suits with the limited number of bullets given to them. These bullets will rest on walls, ceilings and floors, allowing you to kill many men with one shot. You can also kill men by shooting objects, such as boxes and explosive barrels.bullet ricochet is a unique mixture of a shooting and a physics-based games,where you have to think before making a shot.So, your mission is simple - kill all victims on the board. You can kill them by hitting your gun or any other object. Every time you make a shot, the bullet will ricochet from the walls and go forward. You have to plan the shot in such a way, that kill many victims with one bullet. Rememeber that number of bullets is limited, if you fail to kill all people - you fail.The best idea how to succeed in the bullet ricochet is to think about bullet traectory. People who are good at geometry or can play billiards great will complete this game very easy. In higher levels, you will be playing against 10+ victims, so hope you will spend great time.bullet ricochetRicochet bullets off walls and other objects in order to eliminate all the bad guys in each level. You have limited bullets - use them wisely!bullet ricochet - Free Shooting Gamesand free game puzzle
License Free
Version 1.1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.0 and up