In just a few minutes, calculate your IQ with the best interactive questions that measure your visual memory, pattern analysis, and spatial reasoning. There are 30 questions total with each question having 4 answer choices. The questions are made in a fun and interactive way so that while you are measuring your IQ, you can have the most fun and not get bored at all!IQ Test's main objective is to only measure your IQ. But in our app, we also put a section that you will see in the homepage labeled as "Emotions vs Logic". In that section, you will be able to estimate whether you are more emotional than logical or vice versa. IQ is related to your EQ levels as well. By putting in two different tests, you will get an overall view and understanding about your IQ while seeing your emotional sides as well! First take the IQ test, then find out about your EQ and IQ.Objective of the app: Find your IQ!Number of questions: 30Time: You have unlimited time but it usually takes around few minutes to finish the whole testEmotions vs Logic section: In this section, after finding out your IQ, you will be able to find out about your emotional and logical sides of your brain. Is your IQ higher than your EQ? Or is your EQ higher than your IQ? Or is it balanced? Just take the test in this section and find out!Age: Anyone from any age who is able to interpret images and etc can take the test. There isn't any age limit!Install our app, take the tests, and find out about your IQ! Enjoy and share with your friends as well! :)
Price 309
License Purchase
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up